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          Mental health is a lot like gardening.

          We need solid grounding.

          When we grieve it feels
          like pruning,

          but it is necessary in order to work through hurts and losses. Through this process we learn how to let go of lies or myths we thought were true.

          Then we grow and prosper
          as we participate in a grateful community.

          All along the way we need to
          soak up the nourishment
          God provides for life.

          ?Welcome?Why?Gardening Your Life?(GYL)? Over the last two decades of work in the field of mental health, I have found that common problems cause many of us to struggle. Fortunately, there are also common skills that we can use to recover and live well.The purpose of this series is to empower people with effective strategies for healthy living. From a Christian perspective, God (our Master Gardener) provides us with the “gardening” analogy of healthy living throughout the pages of the Bible. From a psychology perspective, there are many skills that work well to help us cope when we are struggling.Gardening Your Life?is a product of my skills training therapy group. So, while this series can be read individually, I highly recommend working in a small group. I have found that groups work! A group provides structure, accountability, care and encouragement. We learn and grow from each other—producing grateful community during Gardening Your Life.Over the years, psychologists, pastors, teachers and physicians have developed many excellent resources for healthy living. Throughout?Gardening Your Life, I’ve repackaged many of the concepts that I’ve found most helpful to me and my clients. I’ve also included some of my own insights, as well as words of wisdom from clients, family and friends. Throughout the pages of GYL I've done my best (by God's grace and guidance) to help people learn and use the best practices of psychology and to grow in healthy Christian spirituality.?I've taken tried and true coping skills from the field of psychology and presented them in a Christ-centered context, that is deeply personal and healing.GYL is founded on the premise that we are children of God. Psychologically and emotionally, it is stabilizing and comforting to know that God created us in His own image and likeness. God desires to garden with us, and He wants to help us grow. He has given us helpful boundaries that serve as guidelines for our daily lives.The image of Jesus as the Vine and we as His branches, is a powerful one. John 15 is the cornerstone scripture of?Gardening Your Life. God, our Master Gardener, invites us to draw from the Vine of Jesus Christ and to bear fruit. Ultimately, God, our Master Gardener, teaches these healthy living skills to us. We simply need to listen to Him, and be willing to learn and practice together. Let’s get started!?Heidi Vermeer-Quist, Psy. D.Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

          Gardening  Your Life


          Your Life

          ? Vermeer-Quist Consulting. All Rights Reserved.

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